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"I could not have had a better experience with Dr. Kidby. She was patient and understanding. She gave me all options and explained in detail the cost of each. Her staff was excellent and organized. My wait time has been very short each visit. I would recommend Enchantment Dental to anyone. " --Dorothy V.

"She really knows her stuff and spends extra time with you to determine what you need and want. She explains everything and is careful to get your approval before proceeding. She's also referred me to specialists (e.g., for root canal, implant) who have also been stellar. My entire family sees Donna and we love her and her staff." --Google reviews

"I'm diabetic and a complex case. Donna and everyone on her staff have helped me keep my teeth and to make sure that my oral health is where it needs to be. They're professional, friendly, accommodating and have worked with me and my non-existent insurance to keep me healthy. I can't say enough about Enchantment Dental. I'm a happy patient and you will be, too, if you visit them. They'll bend over backwards for you." --Google reviews

"After two years of misadventure and malpractice, I finally found my way to Donna Kidby's office. The front desk referred me to a much better oral surgeon (in Albuquerque) and Dr. Kidby worked to improve my dental health. A couple of days ago (and a year later), she restored my smile and ability to eat: she gave me four new upper front teeth. I was always seen promptly, given emergency appointments and treated well. The front desk was encouraging and reassuring and did the billing without errors, as well as helping me figure out how to save money. Dr. Kidby was sensitive to my pain, kind, unfailingly polite, and explained her procedures and tools clearly to me so I always knew what was going on. She was very considerate and professional. I have no complaints. Even the waiting room is comfortable and pleasant (though she never gives me enough time to enjoy it!). After three years of misery, I am now free of pain and eating corn-on-the-cob." --C.H.

"As someone who has a ton of terrible dentists, I'd like to say that this place is kinda awesome. Also, sometimes they make (really) awesome coffee in the morning hours." --Jon B.

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